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Why so struggle, just know about what it is in a simple manner..

Big Data: kick-off starter


Before jumping on to bigdata lets try to understand about what is data? Yeah, its all about the data before we start on how big it is. Data are units of information, it may be a number, text, image, audio, video and so on. For example the data of an employee are his name, age, designation and years of experience, etc. In modern technology every data is an assert and piece of valuable...

GIT for Noob


GIT is a distributed version control system which is widely used in the day to day development activities. If you are student or a noob in software industry you will seriously need this blog, because here we are gonna see from the basics to intermediate usage of GIT in the development which will help you to understand and implement by yourself while you are into the development activities...

Docker for Rookie


If you are a rookie (new developer) then you are at the right place to know about the docker. Here at the end of this blog you will get a clear clarity on what docker is and how to get started. Before that, if you want to know how to install docker on windows 10 check the below video. Once you installed the docker in your local / server we can run and test any applications like python, java...

Essence of port number


In world wide web, the devices are communicate with each other using the Internet protocol address (IP address) The website DNS will have its own IP address and when ever you are connecting to any website it will connect to its IP address with the mentioned ports,. Consider that you are opening the website it will connect to the IP address belong to that DNS with the default port 80. Use the ping...

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