How to install Turbo C++ on windows 10 – ( Tested 2021 )


Is your school or college is still using tubro c or tubro c++ to educate the programming fundamentals and you wanna try in your home for handson, no worries here you can download and know how to install tubro c++

If you are using Windows 7, 8 or 10 and still wanted to install and try the Windows XP supported Turbo C++ use the below link to download.

Since I have shared the exe directly to avoid zip and unzip for the beginners to avoid confusions, it may ask you to force download because google drive cant scan exe files for virus. So no worries go and download it.

Once download is completed, open the exe file to install it.. Just click next, next, next to install it.. then your tubro cpp will be installed at C:\TurboC++ Open and enjoy your practices.

Step by step guide for absoulte beginners

Step 1 ; Click the download button will direct to the below page and click the red highlighted button

Step 2 and 3 : Shared the exe file to avoid confusion for zip and unzip, so google not able to scan the file, download it any by clicking the below highlighted button, once download open the turbo c++ exe file.

Step 4 : Click ‘Next’ in the welcome screen

Step 5 and 6 : Click ‘I accept the terms’ and click ‘Next’

Step 7 : by default the turbo cpp will be installed in the location C:\TurboC++ you can keep it or change to your custom location. Leave it as it is for default and click ‘Install’

Step 8 and 9 : Congrats Tubro c++ installed successfully, uncheck the ‘Show Readme’ and click ‘Finish’

Step 10 : Start exploring the Turbo C++

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