The popCON trick 😃


Salut folks, its time to learn some tricks and cheat our friends to bet some good amount of bucks. Today we are going to see something, which is not possible to do on every windows machine and the alternate way to achieve the same. Let’s bet Bet your friend to create or rename a folder or file name as ‘con’ (either con / CON / Con / cOn / coN) anywhere on the windows machine...

One to Many trick 😉


Tired of creating multiple folders one by one? No worries you are at the right place, lets checkout how to create 5 folders with in a sec using the command. The number 5 is just for example you can try 1 million also if you like to test 😃 Lets rock ‘n’ Roll Open Command prompt on your preferred location, you can open it by clicking start and typing ‘cmd’The below command...

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